ISSUE ONE - 2005/2006
Contributors and Cover credit

Maureen Clark - Articulation, Root Cellar, For a Child Afraid of Water
Klancy Clark deNevers - Above the Madre de Dios, Old Grandad 100 Proof
David Hamilton - Neither Venice Nor Belmont, Our Oldest Oath, Book by Leaf, Winter Eagles
Heidi Hart - to a paisley dress
David Lee - Cold Snap, Wild Rose Nocturne, Crows Laughing at Thunder
Joel Long - Acapella, Light and Mercy
Michael McLane - Old Bishop's Silent Sermon, Three Rooms
Susan Sample - On Wander Lane, After the Funeral, After

Rusty Barnes - Beamer's Opera
Eric Bosse - House of Ghosts
Avital Gad-Cykman - Our Meat and Our Wine
Michael Gills - Firsts
Mary Corinne Powers - I Only Am Escaped Alone
Jim Ruland - Big Lonesome
Maggie Shearon - Tub Bath

Heather Hirschi - An Interview with Kevin McIlvoy

Scott Abbott - A Reasonable Dictionary